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Water : the second most essential component for our life after oxygen

Don’t forget about it especially during the summer Ιt transfers needed ingredients through the blood to the organs It expels all body wastes through urine It adjusts the temperature of the body Ιt ensures better athletic performance by perspiration and blood supply of the muscles It is the main ingredient of the fluid that helps […]

What is AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) and what is its relationship to woman’s fertility?

A woman from the day she is born has a certain number of oocytes in her ovaries. This number may vary among women. Although only one egg usually fully matures during ovulation, somewhere between ten and 20 follicles begin the process of maturation monthly. The excess ovarian follicles are reabsorbed before ovulation occurs and are […]

Important tips for epilation

Sring is on the way. Time to get ready for summer. It’s time for your beauty to shine!!! Just follow some important tips on laser hair removal. INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE LASER – Avoid sunbathing or solarium before applying laser. The epilation laser is not applied to tanned skin. – Avoid cosmetic creams with aroma and color […]