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Welcome to LifeCheck.

LifeCheck was founded by doctors biopathologists Christofides Aristides and Konstantinos Ladias in 2004, and consists of 13 modern medical care units in the prefecture of Attica in the areas of N.Psychiko, Ilioupoli, Melissia, Athens, Lagonissi, Anavyssos, Korydallos, Drapetsona, Kallithea, Neos Kosmos, Koropi and Kaisariani, in the area of Chalkida, one in Nafplio, and in the islands of Rhodes and Lesvos in Petra and Kalloni.

LifeCheck, provides state-of-the-art, world-class services, has the ISO 9001: 2015 international standard, well-trained scientific staff, and complete automated systems common to all lab networks.

The majority of the lab tests take place on the same day with the care of physicians and biopathologists. Considering the importance of providing both reliable and prompt laboratory findings along with clinical examination, LifeCheck as a polyclinic, has  in-house doctors of most medical specialties.

Finally, we have contracts with all of Greece’s public insurances, including the Greek army, as well as with most of the private insurance companies.



Lifecheck has state-of-the-art labware from the world’s largest and most recognized companies worldwide (including Roche, Biomerieux, Menarini), which ensure reliability and short results time.

  • The testing process is fully automated from the time of blood sampling to delivering tests result with complete traceability and identification of each patients’ sample.